Founding Agreement Of The Trinidad and Tobago Super League

I. Founding Principles

The founding members of the Trinidad and Tobago Super League, established on 13 December 2016, agree to the following fundamental principles for the operation of the league:

(a) the constitutional and commercial independence of the TT Super League;

(b) an integrated system of promotion and relegation involving the six (6) Regional Associations, the TT Super League and the TT Pro League;

(c) conduct of the business of the TT Super League on the basis of “one club one vote” according to the provisions of the TT Super League constitution;

(d) policy adopted by the TT Super League board of directors and/or general Meeting would be implemented by the League’s secretariat;

(e) revenue from television and/or broadcasting contracts, and/or sponsorship contracts in excess of the league’s operational costs would be shared as follows –

– 50% would be divided equally amongst the member clubs;
– 25% would be shared on the basis of the league position of each member club at the end of the season;
– 25% would be reinvested in the TT Super League.

II. Relationship to other leagues

The TT Super League will begin its first season in June 2017;

(a) relegation and promotion between the Regional Associations and the TT Super League will begin immediately and will include the first and second place clubs in the TTFA Champion of Champions tournament, which involves the champion of each Regional Association;

(b) TTSL Super League clubs will continue to play in the TTFA and any TT Pro League competition to which they may be invited;

III. Incorporation

To achieve its administrative and commercial ends the founding members of the Trinidad and Tobago Super League agree to form a limited liability company that will be known as Trinidad and Tobago Super League Limited.

The objects of the company include the following:

(a) to organise and manage (under the jurisdiction of the TTFA) a league of association football clubs to be known as “The Trinidad and Tobago Super League” or such other name as the company may from time to time adopt (“the TT Super League”);

(b) to make, adopt, vary, and publish rules, regulations and conditions for the management of the TT Super League and the matters relating thereto, and to take all such steps as shall be deemed necessary or advisable for enforcing such rules, regulations and conditions;

(c) to promote, provide for, regulate and manage all or any details or arrangements or other things as may be considered necessary or desirable for, or ancillary to, the comfort, conduct, convenience or benefit of football players and of the public or of any other persons concerned or engaged in or in or associated with the TT Super League;

(d) to enter into television, broadcasting, sponsorship, commercial or other transactions of any kind in connection with the TT Super League. The TTSL General Meeting has sole authority to finally decide contractual agreements in this regard.

Agreed this 7th day of January 2017 at UTT, O’Meara by the representatives of the following clubs:

Barrackpore FC Kirwin WESTON 
Bethel FC George JOSEPH 
Central 500 Spartans FC Mark SIMON 
Club Sando Eddison DEAN
Cunupia FC Narvin CHARLES
Defence Force FC Ryan OTTLEY
FC Santa Rosa Keith LOOK LOY 
Guaya United FC Jameson RIGUES 
Marabella Family CC Terrence BOISSIERE 
Petit Valley United FC Derek EDWARDS
Petrotrin Palo Seco SC Aldwin FERGUSON 
1976 Phoenix FC Terry WILLIAMS
Real Maracas FC Kester LENDOR
Saddle Hill Hotspur FC Dexter GILL
Siparia Spurs FC Quincy JONES
UTT Nicholas LOCHAN 
Youth Stars FC Anselm ROBLEY

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