Look Loy elected to TTFA Board – retires as head coach of FC Santa Rosa

Look Loy elected to TTFA Board – retires as head coach of FC Santa Rosa

Trinidad and Tobago Super League President Keith Look Loy was elected onto the Board of Directors of the Trinidad and Tobago Football Association (TTFA) at the body’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday 23 December 2017.

Look Loy’s election to the post concludes a process that was started earlier this year when the TTSL Membership nominated him as their representative to sit on the David John Williams led Board of Directors.

Upon his election, Look Loy identified numerous key areas in which he will actively lobby for and pursue at Board level which include transparent and collective decision-making by the Board, effective management of TTFA technical and national teams programmes,  review of the referee recruitment and training programme, effective and equitable distribution to TTFA members of FIFA and other development funding, review and overhaul of domestic club football and the servicing of TTFA debt.

He has also taken the decision to retire as head coach of FC Santa Rosa to focus his time on these new responsibilities.

Having founded the “Big Cannons” in 1992, Look Loy earmarked at the start of the 2017 season – the club’s 25th year of existence, that it would be his last as head coach of the senior team but he will remain as President of the club and  coach of the under 12 team.

He has won numerous regional and national youth titles throughout the years but his 2016 Super League triumph remains a firm highlight in his enviable coaching portfolio which spans three decades.

With 2018 in firm sight, Look Loy is now set to fully commit to his role as TTSL President.





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