TTSL President on TTFA Media Release

TTSL President on TTFA Media Release

The TTFA issued a media release yesterday in the matter of the request by the Trinidad and Tobago Super League (TTSL) for permission to host an international match. In said media release TTFA quotes Article 78 of the TTFA constitution, as follows,

“The Authority for organising international matches and competitions between representative teams and between Leagues, Club teams and/or scratch teams lies solely with FIFA, the Confederation (s) and/or the Association (s) concerned. No such match or competition shall take place without the prior permission of FIFA, the Confederation (s), and/or the Association (s) concerned in accordance with the FIFA Regulations Governing International Matches.”

TTFA also quotes Article 79 of its constitution as follows,

“TTFA, its Members, Players, Officials and match and players’ agents shall not play matches or make sporting contact with Associations that are not Members of FIFA or with Provisional Members of a Confederation without the approval of FIFA.”

Regarding Article 7 above, TTSL is of the view that it is patently clear that the language of the statute (”..and/OR the Association..” enables TTFA to sanction – if it so wishes – the event for which TTSL has requested permission to host.

Regarding Article 79 above, TTSL does not understand why TTFA is resorting to this statute. The event in question is being promoted by Caribbean Football Trust Limited (CFTL), which is a recognized entity in Caribbean football, and involves two matches: 1) a match between TTSL All Stars and Jamaica Premier League All Stars, i.e. a match involving players from two FIFA-affiliated leagues; and 2) a promotional match between Trinbago Oilers and a World XI, which match involves only retired international stars.

In its media release TTFA also claims to have received information from TTSL only on 29 August. For clarity, I provide a timeline of the unfolding of developments in this matter:

1) TTSL’s request for permission to host an international match on 16 September was tendered to TTFA on 13 June – almost three months ago.

2) After several requests by TTSL for an update, on 9 August TTFA requested a list of the foreign players to participate in the proposed event, which list was provided by TTSL on 15 August.

3) On 15 August TTSL also advised TTFA of a change of date from 16 September to 15 October, (which CFTL advised TTSL was necessitated by the delay in the grant of permission by TTFA and the consequent need for CFTL to renegotiate the availability of certain foreign players, all of which affected the marketing of the event).

4) Since 15 August TTFA has issued fixtures for the 2017 FA Cup, which include matches scheduled for 15 October, the very date requested by TTSL for its proposed international event.

In conclusion, TTSL is of the firm view that TTFA has immediate and constitutional authority to sanction the proposed event.

Further, the continuing delay by TTFA in sanctioning the event, and the Association’s decision to schedule a conflicting event on that date, are a threat to an international event proposed by TTSL for the benefit of local players, clubs and football.

TTSL awaits further developments and remains hopeful that TTFA will do the right thing and assist TTSL donin the promotion of our great sport.

Keith Look Loy

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